Micro Residencias
galería parásito/... in Meetfactory International Centre for Contemporary Art
August-September 2008, Prague , Czech Republic

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In October 2007 galería parásito/… started its activities in Czech Republic when I met Joaquin Luzoro while he was doing a Residency in Prague. A few months later, as he was returning to Chile, we said good bye with the promise of doing a project together.

Half a year went by and after many discussions the concept of ‘Micro Residencias’ materialized. The idea was to invite a group of artists for a short residency in Prague to work within a gallery setting. galería parásito/…had confirmed a location, MeetFactory, who offered us one of their studio spaces for a month. MeetFactory was at that time developing its own residency program and artist studios.

The idea of transporting existing artwork was out of the question for us. Our priority was to get the artists to Prague. But, how could we bring them here without funding? The only way we could, was to invite artists already living and working in Europe and who would be enthusiastic enough about the project to find their own means to get here. Gradually we started to receive confirmation from the invited artists: Javier Hinojosa (México) coming from Stuttgart, Joaquín Luzoro (Chile) from Berlín, Nicolás Sánchez (Chile) from Valencia and Francisca Sánchez( Chile), Ignacio Gumucio (Chile) and Pier Stockholm (Perú) all arriving from Paris.

The gallery would be turned into a studio space for the duration of the residency, where the artists could work. The show itself would exist in the process of its own actual realization. The process would be accessible to the public for the entire time of the residency. In this way the artists themselves, as well as the work, would be exposed to the scrutiny of visitors to the gallery. Considering that there was no funding to send back the artworks, each piece contained its own destruction.

For galería parásito/… one of the main priorities of the residency was to focus on the participants and not just the resulting artworks. Part of the project itself was to make their time spent here as fulfilling and productive as possible, in terms of introducing them to the local art scene and community around it. The energy that the daily activity of these artists generated in the space was contagious and clearly affected the entire MeetFactory complex.

Micro residencias parasit(i)o…is the reflection of a very Latin American reality of working, i.e. the need to overcome obstacles. The project was realized through the goodwill and dedication of the artists who came to Prague by their own means and would not have been possible otherwise

galería parásito/…cannot thank the artists enough, for the legacy they have left us. I believe that what started on September 3rd 2008, together with Francisca, Ignacio, Joaquin, Javier, Nicolas and Pier is just the beginning of a journey in which our paths will certainly cross again, and which will lead to other new roads. And that is the defining purpose of galería parásito/..., a space for encounter, networking and communication between artists.

Silvina Arismendi